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Food and dining

Mealtimes are special occasions…

We recognise that mealtimes are important for our residents to socialise and stimulate the senses. Hence, we strive to make these as enjoyable as possible by serving tasty, nutritious, home-made meals served in our wonderful dining room. Our catering team design a delicious 4-weekly menu based on the season and any preferences shown by residents. We are also keenly aware that mealtimes can be wonderful social occasions, so we try to make these as friendly as possible. We encourage staff and visitors to sit with residents at mealtimes to enable conversation and interaction.

Our homes have a hygiene rating of 5 out of 5 from the Food Standards Agency.

We can cater for any special dietary requirements as well as well as support residents who have medical needs relating to eating, such as dysphasia. Our produce is sourced, wherever possible, through local suppliers.

Aside from the formal mealtimes, residents are served with mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea rounds and can request snacks and drinks at any time. All residents are encouraged to remain hydrated throughout the day.

Click here to download an example copy of this season’s menu.