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The Homes & Company

Solomon Care started life with the purchase of Tilsley House over 10 years ago. The company subsequently purchased Earlfield Lodge, a couple of miles away in 2021.

The company has an aspiration to build ‘Cathedrals of care’. Cathedrals are those wonderful buildings that stand tall in the middle of a community. They are a place that represent high values, a place that gives comfort to its members; a place that is very much a central part of the community. Cathedrals are symbols of our highest aspirations.

Similarly, we wish to offer the highest quality of care in wonderful, timeless buildings and settings. We want our homes to represent high values and staffed by people who really want to look after those in our society who need care and support. We want our homes to really contribute to help make the lives of all our residents fulfilled and full.

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