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Residential Care Homes

People are staying home longer these days. This may be an ideal situation in some circumstances where there is sufficient support from family and carers in their own homes. Where family is not available, there is much evidence to suggest that factors such as loneliness and isolation can lead to declining health and depression. Even where family is available a person’s health needs become too great to support at home.

Our homes in Solomon Care focus on providing a homely environment whilst striving to support individual lifestyle choices and empowering people to enjoy stimulating and fulfilling lives. Our staff emphasise sensitive care while providing support that retains our residents' choices, personal preferences and independence. We encourage residents to continue any hobbies and pastimes they enjoy and to sample new opportunities and experiences within an inclusive community setting.

Both Tilsley House and Earlfield Lodge are Residential Care Homes for the older person requiring help with their daily needs. Support that residents require can range from just needing a place of safety & security to requiring assistance with every basic care need.

We work closely with health professionals and families to provide quality care for our residents and to ensure that their lives are relaxing, rewarding and above all caring.

Information is sought during the pre-admission assessment from the resident, from relatives or existing carers and, in some cases, from social workers, to build a picture of the preferences and care requirements of the individual. Visits to the home are recommended to get a feel for the environment and to socialise with the staff and other residents. Where appropriate, room choices are also discussed with options available for size of bedrooms, en-suite rooms, etc.

We aim to personalise the care provided to each resident and encourage family and friend involvement to help us to map out the best form of care for your loved one. Our residents regularly go home to families for meals, go to church events, special occasions, and outings which we believe are important ways for them to interact with the wider community.

Daily Living at Tilsley House

Please see below a rough outline of a daily routine which some residents may use as a structure: