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Tilsley House Fees

Here at Tilsley House, we pride ourselves on our fair and competitive prices within the local area. Our fees system operates on a conditional basis to suit individual clients. A basic weekly rate is provided and extra provisions and supplements added or removed as necessary.

We accept a basic social services rates in line with North Somerset Council. Our company's private rate currently stands at £495-665 per week for private and respite clients. This rate is subject to variation based on the room and its facilities (e.g. en-suite, ground floor) and the care needs of the individual.

A basic set fee covers costs of personal care, provision of all meals and food, general bills and costs which cover accommodation, laundry services, room services, care services and the activities and entertainment provided by Tilsley House.

Financial Support

If you require support with paying for care fees your first point of contact should be North Somerset Council (Adult Social Services Finance Department) links for their website are available on our 'Help & Information' pages. Once contacted they will carry out a financial assessment also known as a means test to work out how much financial assistance you are entitled to towards costs for care and accommodation.

The current levels of support vary throughout the UK which is why it is important to contact your local council for more information. The current support levels are listed below:

Those with assets of over £23,250 will be expected to cover the standard costs of their chosen care home until such a point that these assets drop to below £23,250.

Those with assets of between £14,250-£23,250 are expected to make some contribution from both the assets and any income such as their pension (except in Wales).

Those with assets of less than £14,250 (or £23,250 in Wales) do not have to make a contribution from assets but will need to contribute from any other income.

[Correct as of 2015].

There is also an option of seeking third party support to meet the gap between the cost of your chosen care facility and support available from the local council.

You can find out more information about these measures and the means test via the First Stop Care Advice, Tel: 0800 377 7070 or visit: www.firststopcareadvice.org.uk

Other organisations which are available for you to contact for independent advice are:

For further guidance on care home fees in general please see our information pages with useful links and tips which may be of use to you. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.