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Tilsley House designs care packages which suit individuals, relatives and carers. We offer special rates for day care and respite periods.

More information can be found on our Paying for Care page.


Day Care & Respite

Day care and respite packages are designed to help carers from home to receive breaks and support or even as a stepping-stone to see what life in a care home can be like. It can also be a beneficial break for individuals living on their own who wish to be looked after for short-term breaks with high quality prepared meals and care provided.

We have excellent feedback from current and previous respite and day care residents and offer a number of supplements such as meals, provision of personal care (e.g. bathing) or just a chance for individuals to mix with others and participate in activities and special occassions. We can also arrange for visits from our resident hairdressers, chiropodists and activity providers.


Enablement Care

Furthermore, we work closely with the brokerage team and North Somerset Council and are now able to accept short-term contract placements for enablement purposes. We aim to rehabilitate individuals for a brief amount of time within a fully staffed care home environment before re-introducing them back into their community and own homes. We also work closely with Social Workers to design the best enablement packages possible to ensure the best outcomes for all involved.

his new scheme came into practice in 2011 and we have received a number of placements and been happy to send home clients after a rest and chance to build on their health and confidence. We aim to support individuals who may require support with improving their mobility or even gaining confidence to return back home after hospital stays etc.


If you wish for more further information on types of Care Packages available please contact us via phone or e-mail or feel free to arrange a visit.