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Tilsley House is prominent for its nutritional catering service and home-made specialities. We have a specialist catering manager and well developed catering team who have designed a delicious four-weekly menu on the basis of what our residents have asked for. This is reviewed on a seasonal basis and is developed by the catering team, professional guidelines and residents of the home.

All information relating to allergens contained within our meals can be obtained from our Catering Staff.

Please click here to download a copy of our recent Menus

Apple & Blackberry Pie Baked for Residents using Home-Grown Produce (August 2013)

Meal times are central to Tilsley House's daily routine and we aim to make them as enjoyable and sociable for our residents as possible. We cater for individual likes and dislikes as well as specialist dietary needs. We often encourage staff and visitors to sit with people at meal times encouraging conversation and interaction. Mealtimes are occasions where many of our residents gather with their friends and the majority of our residents enjoy their meals within our two main dining rooms.

Our trained and knowledgable chefs cook fresh produce every day. Our menus reflect the wishes and preferences of our residents and we always act upon feedback which we receive. A number of local suppliers provide us with good standards of meat, fruit and vegetables and we are always well stocked within our kitchen. Our menus and ideas are continually developed through the preferred tastes and favourites of our residents and we aim to ensure that everyone leaves each mealtime content and satisfied.

Our residents are encouraged to exercise their choice and are welcome to request food, snacks and drinks as they wish. We also try to conduct as many regular drink and snack rounds as possible to keep hydration levels good and offer choice and refreshment to clients.

Tilsley Produce Project 2013

Here are some of the fruit and veg that we have grown this year at Tilsley House. We are proud to grow and produce elements of our own food and to provide high quality products to our residents.

We love involving our residents in this process and the catering team work closely to support our residents to help and learn about the food that they eat and that we grow here at Tilsley.