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Solomon Care values each and every individual within our care and tailors care packages to suit each person's needs and wishes...

Here at Tilsley House, we provide a range of services such as residential care, dementia care, day care, respite and enablement services. Please browse what we have to offer using the navigator on the left hand side of the screen...

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Individuals that are considering making the move into our care home are welcome to make regular visits and enquiries into our services and to get a feel for what we have to offer. Prior to admitting any individual, we take the time to talk to them and find out as much as we can about their needs and wishes through a pre-admission assessment. We encourage people to continue to live their lives how they wish and not see being in a care home as any form of restraint on their social existence. We enable people to be as independent as possible and equip them with the tools and services to live as they wish to. We also encourage purposeful activities such as cooking, gardening and shopping.

Tilsley House has an enabling environment with open space communal areas and easily accessible grounds. We aim to incorporate the environment of our home and that externally to our home to fit in with the daily living of each one of our residents. A personalised care plan is drawn up for each individual, all staff that come into contact with any individual's care are familiarised with their needs and wishes through this process.

Every member of our staff team is vetted before they commence employment with us - ensuring that it is safe for them to work with vulnerable people and that they possess relevant knowledge and experience. All of our staff team receive training when they join us and commence an ongoing induction programme. We aim to employ staff with at least an NVQ 2 or equivalent qualification or level 3 for senior members of staff. Staff training is coordinated by our Deputy Manager who ensures that staff are equipped with sufficient knowledge and awareness relating to all aspects of care. We ensure that our staff are knowledgeable in specialised and mandatory training aspects that are required to understand and meet the needs of those within our care. All staff are supervised and appraised on a regular basis and monitored to ensure high performance levels.

Everyone coming into contact with our services are actively encourage to share with us their views on the services and facilities which we provide. Additionally, surverys are distributed at least twice yearly for residents, relatives and other professionals that engage with our services. As a service, we recognise that quality assurance is an integral tool to be able to monitor and develop our service provision. Furthermore, this also provides evidence of maintaining the high standards of care that we endeavour to provide for our clients. The home's management staff also conduct regular audits of all aspects of the home, ensuring that standards and expectations are being met accordingly.